Whimsical Winter Wonderland Glam Event

February 2, 2018

Whimsical Winter Wonderland Glam Event


Whimsical Winter Wonderland Glam Event

Afer the Christmas holiday, I teamed up with a local businesses to create a fun-filled event for tween girls. The well-established small business is a favorite birthday party venue for many young girls in the area who enjoy dress up, make-up and everything pink! While cornering the younger market (4-6 year old girls) has never been an issue, one of the business owner’s primary goals for 2018 is to become top-of-mind with the tween market, ages 9-12. Having a 10-year old daughter of my own, I have a pretty good handle on what makes these kids tick, so I created a Whimsical Winter Wonderland event within the eye-catching pink and black studio/shop. Here are the deets and some pics of this fantastic evening!

The goal was to create the feeling of a winter wonderland within the pink and black studio, so I took advantage of the low soffit and hung shimmery, plastic snowflakes all in a row for impact.

The owner has a 6-foot table in the studio for use during birthday parties, so I used this as my focal point for the room. The table is in front of a large window, so I used that as an opportunity to hang a fun, shimmery tinsel wreath. From an existing cup hook, I hung another large snowflake over the table. Mini snowflake twinkle lights were draped from the curtain rod.

An all white theme on the table was carried through the linens, decor and treats. A white tablecloth was covered with a glittery tulle overlay. Cotton-like snow was arranged in tufts down the center of the table. A large clear vase in the center displayed white branches adorned with snowflake ornaments. White tinsel trees that matched the wreath flanked each end of the 6-foot table.


Mini white powdered donuts were stacked in a clear glass domed cake stand. Mix-ins for homemade hot chocolate, like soft peppermint sticks and marshmallows, were at the ready. A tiered, silver cake stand displayed mini white cupcakes and a pop of pink wafers in the center.


The girls had a blast! Glam hairstyles, painted nails and glitter tattoos kept them busy. And when they were ready to show off their new looks, they hit the runway!

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