In my early 20’s, I learned that I had a gluten sensitivity. Back then, the genetic test for Celiac Disease didn’t exist. In fact, there was still much to learn about celiac. I was gluten-free for about 4 years. My symptoms seemed to have disappeared and I felt great. Twenty years later, I began to feel very ill and knew that something was wrong. After months of feeling awful, I went through a series of tests and was diagnosed with Celiac Disease (I am genetically positive for the disease). Thankfully, none of my children carry the gene. Gluten-free diets seem to be “trending” these days, as if it’s just another food fad. However, following a gluten-free diet is not a choice for me; it’s a necessity for my health and well-being. Whether you are celiac like me, or suffer from another type of auto-immune disorder, following a gluten-free diet may help. Most of the recipes posted here are gluten-free and if there’s a recipe that isn’t, I’ve made a note to show you how to modify it so that it is gluten-free. Cheers to good health, great food and fizzy cocktails!